2021 a year of communion

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Every year we dedicate the first 40 Days of the new year to dig deeper on a theme we believe God is leading us into as a church family. 2021 will be a year of communionGod does not want His church to be weak and scattered and isolated during the current pandemic. He longs to see every member of His body experience deep communion with Him and each other, so His will may be fulfilled through us in great power during these uncertain times. 


the chosen

We will be using THE CHOSEN Devotional as our complementary reading during the first 40 Days of 2021 beginning on January 1st. The focus will be to experience communion with Jesus –the head of the body–before attempting to develop stronger communion with every other member of His body. Our goal: To see every member cared for, activated, and strengthened by intentional and creative opportunities for fellowship, discipleship, and service. 

TO GET A COPY: Text 603-845-6601 and mention you want a copy of THE CHOSEN.  Consider making a donation to help us cover the cost of this resource. You may use our GIVING portal. Select Specials Fund. Thank you. 

Prayer Wells

The first 21 days of our 40 days with Jesus was a special corporate effort of fasting and prayer. There were 12 Home Prayer Meetings or Prayer Wells  Tuesday through Friday from 7–9 PM during the first three weeks of the year. We have decided to keep these gatherings going for the remainder of our 40 Days. To participate, check out next week's Prayer Well Locations & Guidelines.

Review our Prayer & Fasting Guidelines so you know how you and your family can participate in this life changing experience. 

If you would like to join these prayer meetings virtually and not in person, please use this LINK. You can also dial +1 (646) 749-3112 and use access code 154-276-141.