The Eyewitness Bible Series was created from a simple desire to connect everyday people today with the everyday people found in ancient scripture. Watching this video series is an excellent way to grow & build community with family and friends as Easter approaches. To view, connect onto our LIVE STREAM channels at 7 PM starting April 5th – April 12th. Watch, discuss, and pray with your family. Share your experience during the LIVE Youtube CHAT box or text 603-845-6601. Use discussion guides attached to facilitate sharing time. 

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Relive the Triumphal Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, the day that people threw palm branches on his path told by an unlikely character.

Lazarus tells his story of being raised from the dead. He was a controversial figure of biblical times because of the proof that Jesus could in fact raise people from the dead.

Holy Tuesday


This story is about Andrew according to John 12:21-22. After the Triumphal Entry, a number of Greeks wanted to meet Jesus. Andrew and Philip told Jesus about their request. Andrew tells of how he overcame his loneliness by introducing people to Jesus

Spy Wednesday


Judas narrates this story giving insight about how he came to betray Jesus.

The story Jesus taught of the vine and branches on the night before his crucifixion. Interpretation narrated by Philip the Apostle.

Good Friday

Peter & Pilot

In this episode, Peter tells about how he denied Jesus, and Pilate tells how he condemned Jesus to death on a cross.

Black Saturday

The Last Day

Story told by Joseph of Arimathea, who was very involved in the death and burial of Jesus. Imagine how he must have felt on Saturday after burying the body of Jesus the day before.

Easter Sunday


The first person to see the resurrected Jesus, Mary Magdalene tells this story. She had been a faithful follower of Jesus since he had healed her of demon possession.