Mission Uganda

This year we will be visiting the Kampala Children's Center in Uganda, a work that rescues orphaned kids and trains them to serve and honor God in all aspects of their lives. A true work of hope and redemption in a country previously devastated by violence and hatred. 

WHERE: Uganda‚ÄďAfrica

                  [Kampala Children's Center]

DATES:   November 7-19, 2016

COST:     $2,000 p/person. 

                  Includes airfare, food, lodging,

                  and ground travel.

TRIP FOCUS: Our work includes opportunities to serve in diverse areas including: Teaching, training, counseling, worship, kid's camps, personal ministry, prayer & intercession, evangelism, medical assistance, and construction. 

2016 Uganda Team

The team is set to launch on Monday November 7th! You can participate in our journey by visiting missionuganda2016.blogspot.com.

We hope to regularly communicate by posting photos, testimonies and field updates.  Church, thank you for holding us all up in prayer!

Additional Information


1) Immunizations: Inoculation Certificate for yellow fever required. Visit Center for Disease Control & Prevention website at http://wwwnc.cdc.gov for other immunizations recommendedCheck with your health care provider for immunization costs and referrals. 

2) Passport: Check https://travel.state.gov for pertinent information about issuing a US passport if you don't have one.  

3) Visa:  Required for U.S. Citizens.

The cost is now $50. Click here to apply online.

For any further information about this trip e-mail our Global Outreach team at go@lifewaychurch.net.