Tuesday Nights at 7pm

Meeting in the church sanctuary at 7pm. Bring your bible and heart of faith!

About Our Prayer Meeting

Our Tuesday night prayer meeting is the engine of our church. It is the gateway of access to God's presence, His power, and provision for our lives. We seek Him humbly and fervently with one heart, for He delights in working on our behalf, for the glory of His name. Our time together intermixes elements of worship, prayer, and God's word, through the leading of the Holy Spirit. 

A Note On Children

There will be a special time of ministry for children ages 5 and under. KINDER PRAYER is our effort to help children develop a personal relationship with to God through Jesus Christ, and an awareness to the Holy Spirit. 

Submit A Prayer Request

If you would like to submit a personal prayer request, please e-mail us. Our PRAYER TEAM will take time to lift these requests regularly on your behalf. Feel free to share any praises (answers to prayer), so we can thank God and celebrate with you.