We know that circumstances in life can be overwhelming at times. You are not alone. Please take a moment to share your prayer requests with us by using the form at the end of this page. You can make your request private or public. Learn how many times you have been prayed for by tracking the praying hands icon. Don't lose heart. We are standing with you!

* Prayer requests including more than 150 words or containing sensitive information may not be approved for public view. Please know that our staff is surely praying for you. 


Hi pastor and all my wonderful bothers and sisters at Lifeway!Please say a prayer for me being homeless was always difficult but now even more so your prayers help me so very much not to give up! GOD bless you, brother Danny 12/5/22 p.s honestly things are much worse but what's the point? no one cares anymore


My client has just undergone open heart surgery. Please pray for their recovery.


Friend of mine, her granddaughter needs emotional healing and for God to intervene. She has strayed away from God and her family, has run away from her mothers home and homeless at the moment. Grandmother is very concerned for her well being. Let’s pray that God will grab a hold of her and she would return home. Also my grandmother’s son is still battling leukemia and his future does not look promising. Prayers for him to receive salvation. He is a stubborn man and is quite bitter throughout his chemo process. Biggest concern is that he will die unsaved, however my grandmother has this idea that he knows about God so he will go to heaven because he hasn’t done “done any wrong to anyone”. As Christ followers we know this is not true so asking for him to receive Jesus Christ and find forgiveness of his sins.


Good morning Jen I need a prayer request for tonight. Mine and Billy sister Terri going for her Cat scan tomorrow to see of Chemo treatments is taking away her lung cancer 🙏 it haves. Also her and her husband Rob asking for pastor Juan to go see her.


I’m need the help of prayer all around! I’ve asked for salvation many times and many times I’ve drifted away like a stray. Forgetting all the blessings that I’ve received on this road called life. But what I’m trying to get at is that I no longer want to be a stray. I want to fully surrender to the lord but don’t even know how to start. Am I here for a purpose and what’s that purpose. I’m a believer just not a follower.. I’m just super lost and would love to be saved in Jesus mighty name!


"Devote yourselves to prayer with an alert mind and a thankful heart."

-Colossians 4:2 [NLT]