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40 Days of Wisdom

If you lived by the wisdom of God, you would never do anything stupid. 2020 will be the year of making wiser choices and enjoying better outcomes. Join us in our 40 Days of Wisdom by following 7 strategic weekly themes taught every Sunday at 11:00 AM at our service location. Invite friends and loved to come or share a link where they can follow us via live stream at 11 AM EST.

Please check Pastor Juan's invitation to our 40 Days of Wisdom (recorded January 1st).

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40 Days of Wisdom Reading Plan

Proverbs will be our main dish for the nourishment of our souls during our 40 Days of Wisdom. We will also look into the book of Ecclesiastes on Week 7. Commit to read our assigned portions and memorize a Wisdom Verse every week. Your life will never be the same. Use links below to follow along!

– Reading Plan

Memory Verses

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Complementary Reading

To complement our Proverbs readings we will be using a 365 day devotional on Proverbs written by Ray Comfort. This beautiful and complete resource will feed your soul for all 365 days of 2020. Read one page a day and gain the understanding that will keep you from falling. Get your free copy on Sunday or during any of our Prayer Wells. 

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Prayer Wells

A Prayer Well is a prayer meeting where we dig deeper as a church into the presence of God to drink from Christ, the living water. These meetings will reinforce messages taught on Sundays during the first 3 weeks of our 40 DAYS OF WISDOM.  Use links below for Prayer Well locations and guidelines on how to participate.

 Prayer Well  Locations

– Prayer Well Guidelines

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21 Day Corporate Fast

The first three weeks of our 40 Days of Wisdom will be accompanied by a 21 DAY FAST. This is a season where our church gives up the comforts of food and common distractions to spend more time with God in prayer and His word. Click on the link below to learn about the importance of fasting and how to do it effectively.

– Fasting & Prayer Guidelines