All Out For Jesus!

The new year often comes with big ideas and plans. What do we gain from plans not approved by the very one who goes before us? As we begin this journey, may we become overjoyed at the mere thought that Jesus wants more for us, more than anything we could ever dream up or plan. However, these plans aren’t handed over with a step by step 'how-to' guide. Instead, we must lay down the things that keep us from pressing in so we can lean in and listen. 

Over the first 40 Days of 2023, we will seek to know Jesus just as the disciples did. It became clear to them who He really was, and as the Holy Spirit came upon them, their faith grew and passion for their Savior was ignited. They became men who were not only willing to give up what seemingly made them happy, but were also willing to give up their very lives for His glory.

A real encounter with Jesus changes people.

We will also read through The Chosen (book three) during our 40 Days together. This book features forty brand-new daily devotions that contain a Scripture, a unique look into a Gospel story, suggestions for prayer, and questions that lead us into a deeper understanding of who Jesus is and who He discipled. How did a close encounter with Jesus influence the lives of His disciples? How can a closer encounter with Jesus change you? 

Devotional books have been pre-purchased in bulk and are available at our church location.

Help us cover costs by donating $10 (Mark "Chosen Devotional" on envelope or memo line.)


We are starting the new year with a 40 Day Fast that will lead us straight to the heart of the Father. Our spirits will be ignited and hearts full. Prepare to embrace the fullness of God's calling for your life in 2023. 

When we pray and fast, hearing God becomes a very real opportunity.

To learn about the spiritual and physical principles of Biblical fasting and ways you can participate, refer to our FASTING GUIDELINES. God wants to take us where we have never been before, to accomplish things we have never done.  It will require of us sincere submission, bold belief, and acute action to His word. He has been preparing us for this moment, to impact the world with the Gospel with unprecedented power. 


To help our church family maximize the benefits of our 40 Day Fast, we are hosting Prayer Wells during the first 40 Days of 2023. A Prayer Well is a focused prayer meeting where we dig deeper as a church into the presence of God through His word, worship, prayer, and the leading of God's Spirit. 

There will be 23 meetings in total from January 3 - February 9 that take place Tuesdays–Fridays from 7 PM to 9 PM at different host locations. 

Check out our PRAYER WELLS schedule and GUIDELINES so you and your family can fully participate.