Our Core 12

Our CORE 12 represents what we value and is important at LifeWay. It defines our culture and drives what we pursue as a church. It is a description of our spiritual DNA as gleaned from the attitudes and actions practiced by the very first Christians in Acts 2:40-47. Upholding our CORE12 ensures that we remain faithful to the character of Christ and what God has called the church to be and do. 


    We faithfully tell people about Jesus wherever we go. 

  • 2. LOYALTY

    We are committed to each other in love as members of one body.


    We demonstrate care by giving our best in all we do for God.


    We teach from and live by the Word of God, our final authority for life.


    We take time to share life together and build God honoring relationships.

  • 6. HONESTY

    We live without masks, free from deceit and hypocrisy.

  • 7. PRAYER

    We keep the flame alive by talking with God honestly and fervently in all situations. 


    We stand in awe of God and honor His established authority.

  • 9. FAITH

    We believe all things are possible with God and live accordingly.

  • 10. UNITY

    We seek unity by resolving conflict promptly and humbly.


    We give sacrificially of ourselves and our resources for the sake of the Gospel.

  • 12. JOY

    We serve God with enthusiasm and deep gratitude for all He has done.