If you don't know who God is you will never know who you are and why you're here. The wrong view of God will always lead to the wrong view of everything else. This is why Adam and Eve sinned against God and lost the paradise. God created you to know Him and to reflect His image to the world around you. This is foundational to having unshakable faith and true confidence in life. It is time to stop trying to make God look like us and start becoming more like Him. It is time to know who He is. 

who is he collection

  • God is not impressed by your talent, your titles, or your treasure. He is impressed with the soul that seeks Him and takes time to know Him deeply. If you want something big to brag about, brag about how much you know and understand the Lord. 


    God became a man so He could be known by His creation. He longs for you to discover His love, be saved, and become more like Him so you can reflect His character. Although you can become Godly, you will never become God for there are attributes God will never share with humans, keeping Himself separate from us and worthy of awesome worship.


    God's holiness is the guarantee that all His other attributes are lovely and perfect. God's justice us holy, God's wrath is holy. God's love is holy. Through Jesus, God has transferred His holiness unto us so we can be forever with Him in perfect love.