PowerKIdz Ministry

"You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you."  -Acts 1:8

PowerKidz (PK) is a place where children can learn how to thrive personally, spiritually, and emotionally as they learn to love God and others with creative passion and freedom. 

All ministry efforts among our children are geared towards accomplishing the following Biblical goals:

EXALTATION: We want our kids to love and enjoy the presence of Jesus through authentic worship.

CONNECTION: We want our kids to build strong Godly friendships through meaningful fellowship.

TRANSFORMATION: We want our kids to grow Christlike character through relevant discipleship.

IMPARTATION: We want our kids to use their divine DESIGN to serve others in love through effective ministry.

PROCLAMATION: We want our kids to share Jesus with those far from Christ through personal evangelism.



Meet Mrs. Whittney, our PK Ministry Director. She is responsible to oversee the entire children’s ministry has she ensures a smooth, safe and effective program that is biblically sound. As a leader, she is also responsible to recruit and train leaders who will who will teach the children about God’s love, His Word and provide fellowship with God’s people—laying a foundation that will keep children interested in the things of God as they learn to serve. She is a fierce leader who exhorts and declares the true grace of God in all she does.


PK Teachers and Helpers

At LifeWay, Kidz Church is led by a group of amazing volunteers who disciple and pour in to each child, from preschool to preteen. Each provide loving and caring instruction directly from the Bible. They share God's Word with interactive Bible teachings, lead in prayer, worship and not to forget, fun!  All our PK workers are background checked and carefully trained to give the very best to our children. To get to know our team more, click the link below. 

Our Team

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