Be a part of this team of 70 people who will go ALL OUT to embody the kindness of God towards our Derry Community. 

Our goal is to invite Derry to Church during the month of August. We intend to cover a total of 9,400 households by empowering each member of the 70 to visit 33 households every week for four weeks and kindly deliver a church invitation and share some words of encouragement. 

We will begin on Saturday August 12 at 10 am at the community center with a 60 minute training and then we will go out to execute our mission of kindness. We will repeat this effort on August 19, August 26, and Sept. 2, with a 30 minute prayer time before going out. 

Being mindful that God has planted us in Derry, He desires to reveal His love and compassion to its residents. There are many out there who long to be rescued from an empty and meaningless life. God wants to use us to be His ambassadors of peace and reconciliation, letting our town know that there is a way to abundant life through Jesus Christ. This is the kindess of God in action through us. 

Please call or text our office at (603) 845-6601 if you'd like to be a part of the ALL OUT kindness mission.