Lordship, faith, obedience

We are starting the year with a 21 Day Fast that will prepare us to  embrace the fullness of God's calling for our lives in 2022. God has given us three cornerstone words–Lordship, Faith, & Obedience– that will provide the basis of our corporate fast and set the tone for the rest of the year. Watch a must see New Years Eve message on these three words so you and your family know how to engage during the next three weeks.  

To learn about the spiritual and physical principles of Biblical fasting, refer to our FASTING GUIDELINES. God wants to take us where we have never been before, to accomplish things we have never done.  It will require of us sincere submission, bold belief, and acute action to His word. He has been preparing us for this moment, to impact the world with the Gospel with unprecedented power. 

Prayer Wells

To help our church family maximize the benefits of our 21 Day Fast, we are hosting Prayer Wells during the first three weeks of 2022. A Prayer Well is a focused prayer meeting where we dig deeper as a church into the presence of God through His word, worship, prayer, and the leading of God's Spirit. There will be 12 meetings (Tuesday – Friday) from 7 PM to 9 PM at different host locations. 

Check our complete PRAYER WELL SCHEDULE and GUIDELINES so you and your family can fully participate.